Index to Microfilm of

Marriage Records 1811 - 1900  Ashtabula County Ohio


Aaskew - Ayers Babb - Blakeslee Blakesley - Byrnes Blanchar - Byrnes Caaufield - Czupka
Dady - Dykeman Eagley - Furrows Gaffney - Guyett Hacet - Hyres Ignacia - Kyle
LaBounty - Lytle McCarthur - Morey Morgan - Pyle Quartz - Ryther Saako - Spafford
Spain - Sylverthorn Taft - Usitalo Vail - Wilcox Wilder - Wyman Yaaska - Zink


Aafsew - Aylesworth Babb - Blachard Black-Byron Cadding  - Cutter Dady  -  Dyer
Easkins - Exline Fabian - Fytche Gabel - Guz Haaerinen  - Hyyka Iaakson - Kyser
Labounty - Lyons MacFarlane - Moran Mordoff - Putney Quaile -Ryder Sarri - Symes
Taft - Vurrough Wade - Wynchell Yale - Zurn

Copies of records are available from the ACGS.  Please see ACGS   copying service for details.


Note: This Internet accessible index of 1800s marriage returns for Ashtabula County Ohio has been prepared from and earlier index, which was taken from the original Ashtabula County Ohio Probate Court records. Although every effort has been taken by the typist and proofreader to accurately transcribe this listing of over 17,000 couples, error may occur; therefore, researchers wishing to document a particular record should obtain a copy of the original record.


Original publication  produced in 1990,  typed and alphabetized with a computer by Mary Hawkins.

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