Roberts Cemetery

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos
West side of Creek Rd. south of intersection with US Rt. 322. 
Coordinates:  41 31 57.9 N, 80 37 27.8 W
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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
ALLEN Elihu   6/Jun/1764 8/Jun/1836 Rev War FAMILY STONE  
ALLEN Mary Eliza 5/Feb/1842     FAMILY STONE  
ALLEN Milton   22/Mar/1846     FAMILY STONE  
ALLEN Smith   19/Ju/1813 25/Dec/1842   FAMILY STONE  
ALLEN Triphena   2/Jul/1780     FAMILY STONE w/o Elihu ALLEN
ANDREWS Eunice  L.   3/Mar/1819     d/o J.C. & E. ANDREWS; 3 mos 11 das
BENNETT Amarret   1 March 1840 21/Oct/1910      
BENNETT Smith O. 23/Sep/1834 10/Jun/1892      
BOURN Asa           54 yrs (Row 6 South side) no stone
BOURN Sally     6/Jun/1842     54 YRS; w/o Asa BOURN
CADWELL Lucy     31/Mar/1828     64 yrs
CAMP Amauret     25/Feb/1837     w/o Cyrus T. CAMP; 28 yrs 2 mo
CAMP Charles D. 1874 1967      
CAMP Cyrus T.   11/Dec/1876 War of 1812 FAMILY STONE 81 yrs 6 mos 25 das
CAMP Delilah     15/Dec/1865   FAMILY STONE w/o Cyrus T. CAMP; 56 yrs 5 mo 7das
CAMP Gerald   1908 1908      
CAMP Gertrude   1896 1897      
CAMP Hulda J. 1848 1923   FAMILY STONE  
CAMP Kate C. 1871 1953      
CAMP Laura     10/Oct/1851     d/o Cyrus & Delilah CAMP;  2 yrs 8 mos 13 das
CAMP Lyle   1904 1925      
CAMP Russle   1916 1916      
CAMP William   1848 1926      
CHASE Eliza J. 1810 1895      
CHASE Lucy H.   21/Nov/1861   FAMILY STONE w/o Moody CHASE; age 60 yrs
CHASE Moody   1800 1889   FAMILY STONE  
CHASE Oscar F. 1831 1911   FAMILY STONE  
COLEMAN Alphonson M. 1854 1895     (Marker only-buried at Clendive, Montana)
COLEMAN Clifton   1855 1938      
COLEMAN Francis   1827 1912      
COLEMAN Freddie A.   22/Mar/1865   FAMILY STONE 8 yrs (Adopted son N & Mary A. COLEMAN)
COLEMAN Keziah     10/Feb/1862   FAMILY STONE w/o Nathaniel COLEMAN; 80 yrs
COLEMAN Lucretia R. 1865 1911     (WOODWORTH); w/o of Clifton COLEMAN
COLEMAN Mary R 1831 1916     MILES; w/o Francis COLEMAN
COLEMAN Mary A.   7/Jun/1894   FAMILY STONE w/o Nathaniel COLEMAN; aged 71 yrs
COLEMAN N. L.   1/Dec/1864 Civil War FAMILY STONE Co K 177 Reg OVI; sgt. died at Cumberland Hospital; Nashville TE
COLEMAN Nathaniel L.   12/Nov/1889   FAMILY STONE 77 yrs
COLEMAN Nathaniel     22/Jul/1868 War of 1812 FAMILY STONE 90 yrs
COLEMAN Nathaniel   28/Apr/1754 17/May/1837 Rev War   Deacon; 89 yrs; Boston Tea Party "Indian"
COLEMAN Rebecca     28/Jan/1890     w/o Nathaniel COLEMAN; 68 yrs
COLEMAN Zella   1854 1915     (CLARK)
COOK Eunice     24/Jun/1856     w/o  J.L. COOK; 70 yrs 4 mos 6 das
COOK John L.   1/Sep/1834 War of 1812   51 yrs 4 mo 26 das
CUTLER Edith A.   11/Nov/1836   FAMILY STONE w/o Elijah CUTLER; ages 66 yrs
CUTLER Elijah   14/Dec/1796 25/Jun/1860     Born Sudbury, Connecticut
CUTLER Lucinda W. 18/Oct/1813 12/Sep/1858      
CUTLER Maria   25/Dec/1804 1/Dec/1859     (WALWORT) w/o E.T. CUTLER;Born Cannan, New Hampshire
CUTLER Olive C.   6/Nov/1839     w/o Elijah CUTLER; d/o C & M WALWORTH; 37 yrs
DARENSTADT Philip J. 1831 1911      
DARENSTADT Sally M. 1838 1928     Betts; w/o Philip DARENSTADT;
DODGE Eunice           (no stone)
DODGE Pauline   1804 15/Mar/1871      
DUNN Cadelia Eliza 23/Jul/1845       children of R. & M.E. DUNN
DUNN Francis Wayland 28/Jun/1843       children of R. & M.E. DUNN
DUNN Mary Eliza 24/Jun/1821 4/Aug/1848   FAMILY STONE w/o Ranson DUNN
DUNN Newell Ransom 13/Jul/1841       children of R. & M.E. DUNN
FOBES Elias   1792 1882 War of 1812   Settled in Wayne w/brother Joshua in 1804
FOBES Orrin     12/Nov/1825     s/o David & Ann FOBES; 1 yr
FOBES Rachael   1798 1870     w/o Elias FOBES
FOSTER James  W.     War of 1812   Sgt.
FOSTER Jane     20/Jun/1830   FAMILY STONE Mother of Linus; w/o James FOSTER
FOSTER Linus Hayes 1808 1891      
FOSTER Samuel       War of 1812    
GILLETT Arenta     4/Jan/1842     w/o Justin; 53 yrs
GILLETT Justin     Aug/1869     83 yrs
HART Infant           11 weeks 2 das; s/o Elon & Polly HART
HART Jerry     19/Oct/1857 War of 1812   73 yrs
HART Jerry     19/Dec/1841     Jr.; s/o Jerry & Lola HART; 18 yrs
HART Josiah     21/Jan/1848     s/o Jerry & Lola HART; 27 yrs
HART Lola Ives   20/Sep/1866   FAMILY STONE 81 yrs;m/o Jesse HART
HART Lowly     19/Dec/1841     d/o Jerry & Lola HART; 18 yrs
HART Submit     6/May/1839   FAMILY STONE 1st w/o David HART; d/o Nathaniel & Keziah COLEMAN; 28 y
HOLCOMB Levin     10/Dec/1835     16 yrs
HOLCOMB Polly     26/Dec/1846     w/o S.L. HOLCOMB; 50 yrs
HOLCOMB             3 infant children; no dates
INMAN Edward     4/May/1827     88 yrs
INMAN John     1813      
JONES  Deborah E.   23/Nov/1839     2 yrs 6 mos.; d/o Linus H. & Eliza JONES
JONES  Eliza     15/Jan/1840     37 yrs; w/o Linus JONES
JONES  Keziah     5 April 1825     62 yrs; w/o David JONES, Granville Mass.
JONES  Mary  P.   15/Sep/1828     20 yrs; w/o Linus JONES
JONES  William     11/Dece/1855     68 yrs
LEONARD Dorcas     16/Oct/1811   FAMILY STONE 87 yrs; w/o Ezra LEONARD
LEONARD Ezra     15/Apr/1823     88 yrs; Deacon of 1st Church of Williamsfield and Wayne
NORTHRUP William   1807 1865      
PEASE Asenath     22/Oct/1841     59 yrs; w/o Joel PEASE
PEASE Joel     3/Oct/1844 Rev War   84 yrs.
PHELPS Eliphet     10/Mar/1842     76 yrs.
PHELPS Harriet     21/Nov/1852     54 yrs
PHELPS Mehetable     22/Jan/1840     74 yrs
READ Melinda     8/Ma/1826   FAMILY STONE d/o Nathaniel & Rhoda READ; 29 yrs
READ Nathaniel       Rev War    
READ Rhoda     9/Apr/1824   FAMILY STONE 57 yrs; w/o Nathaniel
ROBERTS Ann     30/Sep/1854   FAMILY STONE 11 yrs.; d/o George & A. J. ROBERTS
ROBERTS Ann J. 15/Feb/1815 24/Oct/1887     w/o Rev. George ROBERTS
ROBERTS Clarissa     15/Sep/1854     5 yrs.; d/o George & A.J. ROBERTS
ROBERTS D. Lewis 1840 1932      
ROBERTS George     17/May/1857     Rev.; 50 yrs
ROBERTS George C. 5/Nov/1856 3/Dec/1878   FAMILY STONE  
ROBERTS Howard     10/Sep/1854     18 mo.
ROBERTS Lebrus     23/Sep/1854   FAMILY STONE 3 yrs.
ROBERTS Mellissa A. 1842 1915     w/o D. Lewis ROBERTS
SLATER Alanson     27/Apr/1861 War of 1812   68 yrs; Deacon
SLATER Alvin G.   22/Mar/1850     s/o Alanson & Sarah SLATER; 10yrs 5 mos 27das
SLATER Emily     29/Jul/1829     w/o Alanson SLATER
SLATER Huldah     24/Jul/1831     23 yrs; w/o Alanson SLATER
SLATER Lucy     13/Feb/1837     77 yrs; w/o Giles SLATER; late of Tyringham, MA
SLATER Margaret M.   11/Mar/1828     6 yrs.; d/o Alanson & Emily SLATER
SPEARS Sally Ann   1/Dec/1835     15 yrs; SPEAR;  adopted d/o J & Z  TUTTLE
SPELLMAN Fidelia     22/Jun/1842   FAMILY STONE 28 yrs; w/o John SPELLMAN; d/o Jerry & Lowly HART
SPELLMAN John     17/Dec/1841     24 yrs.; s/o Luther & Ann SPELLMAN
TISDALE Harriett     10/Dec/1832     32 yrs; w/o William H. TISDALE
TISDALE Harriett     10/Dec/1831     36 yrs; w/o William H. TISDALE
TISDALE Owen R.   9/Aug/1857     3 yrs; s/o L. & Emily TISDALE
TUTTLE Anson Y. 8/Nov/1846 8/Sep/1854     8 yrs 11 mos
TUTTLE Emily     29/Jul/1826     19 yrs; only child of Jonathan & Zervah TUTTLE
TUTTLE Emily     29/Jul/1826   FAMILY STONE 80 yrs.; d/o Jonathan & Zervah TUTTLE; Mrs.
TUTTLE Freeman H.    4/Jan/1841     1 yr
TUTTLE Infant     15/Sep/1850   FAMILY STONE 6 weeks
TUTTLE Infant     25/Aug/1843   FAMILY STONE 8 mos
TUTTLE Jonathan     30/Jun/1864   FAMILY STONE 80 yrs.
TUTTLE Josiah H.   26/Aug/1854   FAMILY STONE 6 yrs. 8 mos.
TUTTLE Leonard   28/Jan/1817 23/Dec/1889   FAMILY STONE  
TUTTLE Lois     2/Mar/1830     48 yrs; w/o Samuel TUTTLE
TUTTLE Mary   1827 1903     LYMAN;  w/o Leonard TUTTLE
TUTTLE Matilda     23/Jul/1834   FAMILY STONE 41 yrs.; w/o Samuel TUTTLE
TUTTLE Phebe H.  9/Mar/1819 9/Sep/1854     w/o Leonard TUTTLE; 35 yrs 6 mos
TUTTLE Samuel     23/Apr/1865 War of 1812   83 yrs 11 mos
TUTTLE Thomas B.   1833     16 yrs 1 mo.; s/o Samuel & Matilda TUTTLE
TUTTLE Truman H   4/Jan/1841     1 yr 6 das; s/o Leonard & Phebe TUTTLE
TUTTLE Zervah     3/May/1871     87 yrs; w/o Jonathan TUTTLE
VERNON Henry Hayes   1/Jun/1830     s/o Henry & Elizabeth VERNON
VERNON Rhoda     6/Sep/1846     22 yrs.; d/o H.H. & E. VERNON
VERNON Sarah Jane   5/Mar/1833     d/o Henry & Elizabeth VERNON
WALKER Eunice     3/Oct/1847     55 yrs.; w/o Josiah Walker
WALKER James      23 /Aug/1851     28 yrs. 5 mos. 12 das; s/o Josiah & Eunice WALKER
WALKER Josiah L. 3/Nov/1789 4/Feb/1872 War of 1812    
WALKER Lois   23/May/1768 21/Aug/1853   FAMILY STONE w/o Walter WALKER
WALKER Nancy Marvin   16/Mar/1835     5 yrs. 16 das; d/o Josiah & Eunice WALKER
WALKER Walter   17/July/1759 13/Apr/1812 Rev War FAMILY STONE  
WALWORTH Charles   17/Jun/1777 13/Jan/1856     79 yrs.; born in Canaan, N.H.
WALWORTH Charles B. 10/Sep/1806 1/Apr/1882   FAMILY STONE Doctor
WALWORTH Eliza M. 16/Apr/1843 16/Jan/1845   FAMILY STONE  
WALWORTH Hannah   18/Feb/1819 11/Mar/1905   FAMILY STONE w/o Charles B. WALWORTH
WALWORTH Ithamer P. 23/Jul/1816 21/Aug/1844     28 yrs; s/o Char & Miriam WALWORTH; born in Canaan, N.H.
WALWORTH Miriam     21/Aug/1871     92 yrs; w/o Charles WALWORTH
WILCOX Camden L. 1838 1911      
WILCOX Dwight     1842   FAMILY STONE 5 yrs; c/o N & E WILCOX
WILCOX Emily   1840 1924     w/o Camden L. WILCOX
WILCOX Eunice     4/Mar/1852   FAMILY STONE 36 yrs; w/o Norman WILCOX
WILCOX Gamabiel F.   24/Apr/1853   FAMILY STONE 12 yrs; s/o Gamabiel & Susan P. WILCOX
WILCOX Gamaliel     6/Feb/1851   FAMILY STONE 53 yrs 3 mos
WILCOX Harriet M.   1/May/1853   FAMILY STONE 4 yrs 6 mos; d/o Gamabiel & Susan P. WILCOX
WILCOX Homer     1882   FAMILY STONE 41 yrs; c/o N & E WILCOX
WILCOX Lucius     1846   FAMILY STONE 1 yr; c/o G & S.P. WILCOX
WILCOX Malinda     12/Dec/1842     42 yrs; w/o Gamaliel WILCOX
WILCOX Norman     3/Apr/1896   FAMILY STONE 84 yrs
WILCOX Norman     16/Feb/1866     91 yrs.
WILCOX Rebecca     10/May/1878     99 yrs;w/o N. WILCOX
WILCOX Susan P.   10/Aug/1889     77 yrs; w/o Norman WILCOX
WILCOX Susan P.         w/o Gamaliel WILCOX
WILDER Dency     21/Feb/1827     45 yrs; w/o Henry WILDER
WILDER Henry       War of 1812    
WILDER Israel J.   28/Nov/1850     37 yrs.
WOODRUFF Ephraim Treadwell 7/Oct/1777 26/Nov/1859   FAMILY STONE Rev. born Stonington, Connecticut
WOODRUFF Harriett     21/Jan/1829   FAMILY STONE 18 yrs.; d/o Rev. E.T. WOODRUFF
WOODRUFF Sally Alden   27/Jan/1830   FAMILY STONE 50 yrs. 1st w/o Rev. E. T. WOODRUFF
WOODRUFF Susan   27/Jan/1812 20/Jul/1873     PORTER, KING; 2nd w/o Rev EphraimT. WOODRUFF