Hutchins / Maple Grove Cemetery, Geneva Ohio

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Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos

South side of State Rt. 307 southwest of Van Pelt Rd. intersection.  Coordinates:  41 45 33 N, 80 58 41 W
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Last First Middle   DOD Military Family Stone Comments
ATKINS Maria     22/ Aug/ 1873     Wife of Robert and widow of Silas Olmstead 75 years
BISHOP Sylvester   22/Apr/1823 29/Oct/1880      
BISHOP Albert A 21/ Oct/ 1836 9 /Aug/ 1862 Civil War Family Stone killed at F. Mountain, Va. 29th Reg OVL  Sons of H. & M.C. Bishop
BISHOP Flora   25/ Dec/ 1855 19/ Sept/ 1856     dau of Harry & Sarah Bishop
BISHOP Harry   8/ Aug/ 1806 9/ Jun/1883      
BISHOP MARY  C 11/ May/ 1811 10/ Sept/ 1854     1st wife of Harry Bishop
BISHOP Nathan     18/ Nov/1830     No photo 45 yrs 8 mos
BISHOP Sarah A 22/ Sept/ 1813 8/ May/ 1894     Late wife of Harry Bishop
BRAKEMAN Sally           late wife of John Brakeman and former wife of Nathan Bishop  73 yrs 9 mos
BRAKEMAN Vernon J   18/Feb/1858     son of Wm P & J Brakeman 2 yrs 11 mos
HAWES Charlie E   7/Jan/1875     7 yrs 2 mos & 18 ds  Son of H. & M. Hawes
HOEG Horace M   21/Dec/1856     44 yrs
HOEG Louisa Lowell 1813 1898     Wife of Madison Hoeg
JEROME Andrew     14/Jan/1835     Aged 66 Years
JEROME Annah     14/Aug/1854     Wife of Andrew  Aged 83 Years
JEROME Benjamin L 1830 1889 Civil War   15th Ind Battery OVI Artillery
JEROME Charles     26/Aug/1852     Aged 53 Years
JEROME Charles     21/July/1817     Son of Charles & Sally Jerome  In the 22 Year of His Age
JEROME Sally     12/Apr/1876     87 yrs
LAZELL Elias   10/Jun/1782 3/Feb/1872      
LAZELL Jerry     4/Jan/1872      
LUTHER Clarabell           dau of B F & C L 8 mos
MONTGOMERY Levi     14/Apr/1845     64 yrs 9 mos
OLMSTED Harriet     27/May/1861     No photo dau of S & M Tuttle 41 yrs 9 mos
OLMSTED Lovina A   Nov/1851     Wife of U B 25 yrs
OLMSTED Silas     2/May/1852     60 yrs 3 mos
TOWER Elizabeth     26/Apr/1852     wife of Mason Tower 63 yrs
TUTTLE Daniel   2/Jan/1809 21/Apr/1896     No photo
TUTTLE Eddie     13/Jan/1862      
TUTTLE Harriet     10/Jul/1895     no photo 41 yrs 9 mos
TUTTLE Nettie M 8/Oct/1843        
TUTTLE Sarah M 28/Jan/1840 10/Jul/1895     Dau of D.P. & H. Tuttle
WARE Mary  Annah   25/Jun/1844     dau of H & M Ware 12 yrs
WILBUR Adeline     17/Nov/1853     wife of Chas; 20 yrs
WILBUR Ambrosia   1835 1910     No photo