Ashtabula County (OHIO) Cemetery List and Location

Cemetery Name
Hickok Jefferson North side of SR 307 just west of Lampson Reservoir, west of Jefferson
Eastlake N. Kingsville On SR 193 at N. Kingsville south of intersection with US Rte. 20
Lakeview Geneva South side of SR 84, southeast of Geneva & east of Myers Rd. intersection
Sexton (Harris) Geneva/Saybrook On south side of SR 84, divided in half by Saybrook & Geneva Twp. lines
Bates Saybrook South side of SR 84 between SR 45 & Munson Hill Rd.
Southeast Hartsgrove Hartsgrove North side of Meade Hollow Rd., east of intersection with SR 534 & south of Hartsgrove
Oakdale Jefferson East side of N. Market St., Jefferson
St. Joseph Saybrook Intersection of Carpenter & Cemetery Rds., south side of Carpenter Rd.
St. Joseph Conneaut Intersection of US Rte 20 & Keefus Rd., south side of US Rte. 20, near Glenwood Cemetery
Andover (Church) Andover On south side of East Main St. behind the Congregational Church
Maple Grove Andover Located east end of Orchard St. in Andover
West Andover Andover East side Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd., north of SR 6 intersection at W. Andover
Ridgeview Burial Park Ashtabula West side of Austinburg Rd., Ashtabula Twp.
Chestnut Grove Ashtabula East side of W. 58th St. (Plymouth Ridge Rd.) in Ashtabula - site of early mound builders
Edgewood & Abbey Ashtabula West side of State Rd., south of intersection with US Rte. 20 - E. Prospect Rd., in east side of Ashtabula (Edgewood)
Brakeman's Corners Geneva/Harpersfield South side SR 84, west of SR 534, also called Gleason's or Sherman Corners Cem. - no evidence left
Old Ashtabula Ashtabula Corner of Park St. & W. 44th St. (Old Division St.) next to Baptist Church - abandoned - many moved to Edgewood Cemetery
Austin (Ellsworth, Ryder) Austinburg North side College St., Austinburg
Austinburg Center (Cowles) Austinburg NE corner of Lampson Rd. & SR 45 intersection, south of Austinburg
Chapman (Sm. Mechanicsville) Austinburg East side Windsor-Mechanicsville Rd., north of intersection with Cork-Cold Springs Rd.
Eagleville Austinburg North side Eagleville-Jefferson Rd. & SR 45 intersection, south of Austinburg
Mechanicsville Austinburg North side Lampson Rd. in Riverwood Subdivision at Mechanicsville
F.H. Reynolds Farm Austinburg 2 miles west of Austinburg on SR 307 - no evidence left
Beal    Cherry Valley On former Beal Farm, west side of Creek Rd., 7/10 mile north of intersection SR 6 - private
Cherry Valley Cherry Valley North side on SR 6, east of intersection SR 193 at Cherry Valley
Fleming Cherry Valley 2 miles south on Knapp Rd. from intersection with SR 6 - private
Cole Colebrook On SR 322, 3/4 mile east of Colebrook, previously Cole farm - no visible signs left - private
Colebrook North Colebrook On both sides of road on Cemetery (Fee Rd.), north of intersection with SR 322 west of Colebrook
Colebrook South Colebrook North side on Easton Rd., east of intersection with SR 46, south of Colebrook
West Burial Ground Colebrook East bank of Mosquito Creek on Easton Rd., diag. across road from Colebrook So. Cem., 2 children buried by West family in 1812-private
Amboy-West Lakeville Conneaut South side of US Rte. 20, west from intersection with Amboy Rd., just west of Conneaut
Center Conneaut South side on US Rte. 20 (W. Main St.) near Leamur Dr. in Conneaut
City Conneaut South side on Liberty St. in Conneaut
Clark's Corners Conneaut East side Furnace Rd., south of Conneaut, north of intersection with Hatch Corners Rd. at Clark's Corners
Durkee-Hale Conneaut On Center Rd. at intersection with SR 7 at Farnham, south of Conneaut Creek bridge - old Durkee Farm - private
East Lakeville Conneaut East side of Furnace Rd., south of Conneaut and north of I90 overpass.
Farnham Conneaut On Center Rd., between Underridge & South Ridge Rd., south of I90 overpass
Glenwood Conneaut South side of US Rte. 20, west of Conneaut, near the Catholic Cemetery
Harrington's Point Conneaut On Harrington Point Rd., off Lake Rd. (SR 534), diagonally across from Parrish Rd. intersection, no evidence left
Grigg's Corners Denmark Next to church on Brown Rd. at intersection with Griggs Rd., and north of Ashtabula County airport
Miller-S. Denmark Denmark On South Denmark Rd. east of SR 193 intersection
Seager's Corners Denmark On Clay Rd. south of intersection with South Denmark Rd. and west of SR 11
Collins Dorset West side on Russell Rd., south of SR 307 intersection
Dorset Dorset North side of Marrian Rd., east of intersection with SR 193, south of Dorset
Evergreen Geneva South side of Eastwood St. in Geneva
Cork Harpersfield South side of Cork-Cold Springs Rd., east of Cork
Harper (Main) Harpersfield West side of Walter Main Rd., north of SR 84 intersection
Harpersfield Harpersfield South side on SR 307, west of Harpersfield
Hutchins (Maple Grove) Harpersfield SR 307 southwest of Van Pelt Rd. intersection
South River Road Harpersfield South side on S. River Rd., east of intersection with SR 534, and south of Harpersfield, north of Cork
Unnamed Harpersfield Harpersfield SR 307 southwest of Lafevre intersection - no evidence left (no records known to exist)
Hartsgrove Hartsgrove 2/10 mile north of Hartsgrove on SR 534
Trask Hartsgrove Corner of Ireland Rd. and SR 6 intersection west of Hartsgrove - no evidence left
Brydle Farm Kingsville Behind 2nd house on north side of Brydle Rd., just off SR 84 - no evidence left
Greenlawn Memory Gardens Kingsville South side of US Rte. 20 east of N. Kingsville
Lake Road Kingsville West of intersection of Poore Rd. on Lake Rd. (SR 531), on north side of road
Lulu Falls Kingsville On Cemetery Rd., east of intersection with SR 193 south of Kingsville
Old Kingsville Corners Kingsville Adjacent to Kingsville Presbyterian Church on SR 84, just west of intersection with SR 193 in Kingsville
East Lenox Lenox South side of Footville-Richmond Rd., west of Lenox
Ray's Corners (W. Lenox) Lenox East side SR 46 at Ray's Corners, south of Footville-Richmond Road intersection
Bushnell-Reed's Corners Monroe West side SR 7, 1/2 mile south of Bushnell
Monroe Monroe East side Monroe Center Rd., at Kelloggsville, south of SR 84
Morgan  Morgan East side on Foreman Rd. between Eagleville & Roaming Rock
Old Rock Creek -Union Morgan South side of West Water St. in Rock Creek - sometimes called Union Cemetery
Asa Case Grave New Lyme On Dodgeville Rd., 2/10 mile west of Parks Rd. & West of Dodgeville - War of 1812 veteran - single grave
East Brownsville New Lyme 2/10 mile east on Brownsville Rd. & 1/10 mile north on road near S. New Lyme
Hyde-Miller New Lyme 1 mile north on Miller Rd.
Lee  New Lyme 8/10 mile south of Brownsville Rd. on Fee Rd. to 2nd creek & 2/10 mile east along creek
Johnson Orwell On Peniman Rd. , southeast of Orwell - 2 children or Archie Johnson - no trace left
Loveland Orwell About 600 yards back of buildings on property owned by John Byler, Peniman Rd. SE of Orwell - private
North Orwell Orwell In back of Presbyterian Church (former Congregational) on N. Maple St., north of intersection with SR 322 in Orwell
St. Mary Cartholic Ch. Orwell Adjacent to N. Orwell Cemetery on N. Maple St., (SR 45), north of intersection with SR 322 in Orwell
South Orwell Orwell On Moore Rd., east of intersection with SR 45, south of Orwell
Baker-County Line Rd. Pierpont West side of County Line Rd. (which divides OH & PA), north of SR 6 intersection
Evergreen-North Pierpont West side of Creek Rd., south SR167 intersection
First-Hall Rd.


Pierpont  North side of Hall Rd., east of intersection with Creek Rd., south of Pierpont
Gould Pierpont East side well away from road on Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd., south of intersection with SR 167
LaGrange Family Plymouth North side on Garrison Rd. west of State Rd. intersection, just west of SR 11 overpass in woods
Maple Grove Plymouth West side of State Rd., south of intersection with Plymouth Ridge Rd., north of Plymouth Corners
Hale Richmond East side of Pymatuning Lake Rd. between North Richmond Rd. (SR 6) and Hall Rd.
Padanaram Richmond West side of Pymatuning Lake Rd. north of intersection with Leon Rd. at Padanaram
Dart Richmond East side of Pymatuning Lake Rd., 0.6 miles south of Ohio Route 6.
Richmond Center Richmond West side of SR 7 north in intersection with Footville-Richmond Rd. at Richmond Ctr.
Crosby Rome West side of SR 45, 3/4 mile north of Rome
Ninevah-N.E. Rome Rome At corner of Morning Star Rd. & Callendar Rd., east side of Roaming Rock Lake
North-St. Peter's Church Rome North side of Laskey Rd. at intersection of SR 45, north of Rome
Rome Center Rome North side of SR 6 east of intersection with SR 45 at Rome
Saybrook Saybrook On Center Rd. (SR 45) south of intersection with North Ridge Rd. (US Rte. 20) at Saybrook, west of Ashtabula
Gageville Sheffield North side of Plymouth-Gageville Rd., west of SR 193 intersection at Gageville
East Trumbull Trumbull North side of Footville-Richmond Rd., 3/4 mile east of intersection with SR 534
Footville Trumbull East side of Trask Rd. north of intersection with SR 166 at Footville
Mechanicsville-Windsor Rd. Trumbull West side of Windsor-Mechanicsville Rd., 1/4 mile north of White Rd. intersection
Riverdale Road Trumbull South side of Riverdale Rd., west of intersection with Windsor-Mechanicsville Rd., west of Beaumont Scout Reservation
Trumbull Trumbull East side SR 534, north of Trumbull Center
Trumbull Centre Trumbull Just south of Centre on SR 534 near former Rich property
Hayes Wayne East side Hayes Rd., north of intersection with SR 322 at Wick Corners
Roberts Wayne West side Creek Rd., south of intersection with SR 322
Wayne Center Wayne East side SR 193 north of intersection with SR 322 at Lindenville Corners
Morse Farm Williamsfield 2 miles south of Williamsfield on Ridge Rd., on property owned by I.N. Sippola - private - no evidence left
Simons Williamsfield West side on Pymatuning Lake Rd., north of intersection with Slater Rd., in Simons
West Lawn Williamsfield West side of SR 7 north of intersection with SR 322 at Williamsfield - also called Williamsfield Center Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Geneva South side of South Ridge Rd. (SR 84) southeast of Geneva across from Walnut St. intersection
Dodgeville New Lyme West side of Fee Rd. near corner of Dodgeville Rd. at Dodgeville
West Williamsfield Williamsfield West side of Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd., north of intersection with SR 322, West Williamsfield
Bell Windsor On former Bell farm, east of Windsor Mills Corners on SR 322 - no evidence left
Goold Windsor .2 miles west and .2 miles south of Windsor Mills - one tombstone - private
Loomis Farm Windsor On SR 534 north of S. Windsor Rd. - no evidence left


Windsor On Pioneer Cemetery Rd. in woods on north side, and east of intersection with SR 534 north of Windsor


Windsor At NW corner of SR 322 and Wiswell Rd., Windsor Mills
Windsor Windsor East side Noble Rd., north of intersection with SR 322 at Windsor
Winslow Windsor On SR 86, 1 3/4 mile from Windsor - private - no evidence left